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I will help you understand why you are experiencing your symptoms and show you how to make the connection between your diet, your lifestyle and how you feel.  In this way, I will guide you to eat in the best way for you.  I will recommend targeted supplements (often after testing), but I won’t just advise on food and supplements.  We will also discuss your sleep, exercise and stress levels and I will make lifestyle suggestions alongside my dietary advice.


I take a practical approach, preferring to add foods into your diet rather than remove them. I want you to enjoy the food you eat.  After all, eating should be one of life’s great pleasures, so if I feel it’s necessary to remove or reduce certain foods, I will suggest healthy alternatives.  I will work at your pace, we will agree all changes to your diet and lifestyle together, and most importantly, I will never judge you.

"I found Jo to be the perfect mix of friendliness and professionalism, inspiring me to make changes to my diet and lifestyle.  The consultation encouraged me to focus on my health, and small tweaks resulted in me feeling and looking so much better, which made it easy to incorporate the changes into my everyday life” - Louise, Tunbridge Wells

I’m aware that it’s not always easy making and sticking to changes so I support my clients with regular telephone calls between consultations, to see how things are going and answer their questions.  I also explain why I’m making recommendations.  In my experience, it’s much easier to stick to plans when you understand the point of them, and this deeper understanding and client involvement brings about quicker and longer lasting change.


I see people with a variety of health concerns but have a particular interest in female health and in how diet and lifestyle affects our cognition and mental health.  There is a growing body of scientific evidence showing the impact of diet and lifestyle on a person’s risk of developing and also of improving symptoms of dementia, depression and other mental health conditions, many of which are hugely on the rise and also more prevalent in women.  It’s never too soon to make the changes to ensure you live a healthier life as you age.

"Jo has been giving me nutritional and lifestyle advice to alleviate symptoms of IBS and the menopause.  She combines up-to-date scientific expertise with a wonderful caring, kind manner.  I would highly recommend her.  So happy to have found her" - Sarah, London

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