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Supporting and empowering women to optimise health and wellbeing



People come to Nutritional Therapy for many different reasons but what they share is the desire to improve their health and wellbeing using a holistic approach.  Nutritional therapy considers the whole person and aims to identify and address the root cause or causes of symptoms rather than simply treating the symptoms themselves.


I listen carefully to what clients tell me to fully understand their situation and identify what the root cause of their issues might be, before explaining what I believe is going on and why. Because we are all biologically unique, I offer clients a way forward which is tailored to them. 


My advice will depend on an individual’s reason for seeking help and may initially be focused on alleviating the symptoms of a particular issue (while also trying to address the root cause) or simply to help clients optimise their health, make them feel more in control of their life, improve energy levels and feelings of wellbeing.  Whatever their reason for coming to see me, following my advice will support my clients’ immune systems, something at the forefront of all our minds at the moment.


Jo Santini - Nutritional Therapist



I have always enjoyed food and have been a keen cook from an early age, but it wasn’t until later in life that I appreciated the power food had to nourish my body and help it heal.  I suffered from digestive and other health issues in my twenties and it was Nutritional Therapy that helped me resolve them and return to good health.  Again, when my children were young, a Nutritional Therapist helped me navigate my son’s food intolerances and supported me in keeping both my boys fit and healthy. 



I offer one-to-one consultations from my Goudhurst clinic in a private setting with views overlooking the Kent countryside or online via zoom. 
I offer packages of two or three consultations initially as feel two is the minimum to make a difference.  Much of the first consultation is taken up with understanding your case and it’s important to have the opportunity to discuss and fine tune any changes made in a second consultation.  For more complex issues, it is helpful to work together over a longer period and follow up consultations can be booked as and when needed. 
However many consultations you have, however simple or complex your issues when we meet, I want to inspire and empower you to eat and live in a way which optimises your health and achieves your goals and which you can continue long term, rather than to give you a “quick fix”. 



"I found Jo to be the perfect mix of friendliness and professionalism, inspiring me to make changes to my diet and lifestyle.  The consultation encouraged me to focus on my health, and small tweaks resulted in me feeling and looking so much better, which made it easy to incorporate the changes into my everyday life”

Louise, Tunbridge Wells


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